Introducing our aesthetic desginer, Darian oberprantacher

As we head into production of the first ever AgLoco® 150, we are taking a closer look at the stories of the people who are going to make this dream become a reality.

Our second featured crew member is an international contributor by the name of Darian Oberprantacher. Darian hails from South Tyrol, a beautiful mountainous region in the Italian Dolomites and he has recently completed a Bachelors Degree in Transportation Design at the prestigious European Institute of Design in Turin, Italy. We are very excited to have Darian bring his unique skill set, artistic direction and design sensibilities on board, because let’s face it; when it comes to design, Italians just do it better.

Darian has been a steam train buff for most of his life and today he recognises the leading role that zero carbon biofuel powered steam engines will play in the future of sustainable transport. As a designer, Darian is able to play an active role in turning his vision into reality and in 2021 he approached AgLoco®’s parent company, Mackwell Locomotive, to collaborate on a concept design for a luxury locomotive passenger rail service. After toiling away for four months his designs were ready to be shared with the world. His work beautifully expressed the bold, sustainable and dynamic products we strive to create and he received full marks from his university (and we are pleased to be able to share some of Darian’s work with you today).

Darian’s work impressed Sam and the AgLoco® crew so much that he was brought on board to provide aesthetic design expertise in all aspects of AgLoco®’s branding and products. Whilst tractors play a practical rather than luxurious role in feeding the world, attention to the aesthetic design is extremely important to create a product that is not only environmentally sustainable, but is emotionally sustainable as well. Darian will be working closely with Sam and our engineers to create fine aesthetic amenity and enhance the overall user experience of the first AgLoco® 150.

Whilst steam engines are currently associated with notions of the past, the incredible improvements made in modern steam engine technology makes them a valuable tool for supporting humanity’s post fossil fuel future. Designing products which essentially change this story and highlight the exceptional growth and progress made in modern steam engines over the past 50 years is crucial for AgLoco®’s growth; because in order to sell a tractor, we must first sell the idea.

Darian’s work in aesthetic design will ensure that our customers connect with AgLoco®s on an emotive level, bringing us one step closer to our mission of taking the diesel out of food.

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