How AgLocos Work

AgLocos™ are external combustion engines powered directly by solid bio-fuel. Solid bio-fuel means any type of biomass, firewood, wood chips or densified biomass like pellets and briquettes. Less than 2% of a farm’s land area will meet that farm’s AgLoco™ fuel requirements. Shelter-belts and hedgerows can be put to work growing fuel to power AgLocos™. Crop residues will power AgLocos™ three times over.

Within the firebox of an AgLoco™, solid bio-fuel reacts with the oxygen in air at temperatures exceeding 900ºC. The heat generated by this reaction is captured by water in a unique heat-exchanger that safely generates high pressure superheated steam. An advanced engine design expands this steam to atmospheric pressure, developing tractive power with characteristics superior to modern hydrostatic or electrical drives.

AgLocos™ incorporate a unique combustion system that eliminates 100% of the smoke and spark emissions normally associated with solid bio-fuel combustion. Tractor exhaust spark emissions are unacceptable and the elimination of this is a key feature of an AgLoco™. The new steam generating system at the heart of an AgLoco™ has been engineered, validated and independently peer reviewed over the last six years. 

100 years ago steam tractors relied on a heavy boiler that contained a large amount of superheated water. The consequences were usually fatal if the boiler failed. Our revolutionary technology eliminates both the excessive weight and the possibility of a dangerous explosion by containing only a small volume of superheated water. This means steam pressure can be raised in as little as 15 minutes and ground compaction is no higher than modern diesel tractors.

We are looking for forward thinking producers who will be early adopters of AgLoco™ technology. If that’s you, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with us here

To learn more about our technology, have a look at the following video: