Explosion Proof

Our boiler has the same risk of explosion as a modern refrigerator.

Traditional boilers hold thousands of litres of water and store a huge amount of energy in high pressure steam. When they explode, they do so dramatically and have caused many fatalities. AgLocos can not explode due to the very small amount of water under pressure at any time

In the unlikely event there is a catastrophic failure in the steam tubes, the boiler housing is rated to contain the relatively insignificant explosion and any remaining steam will be instantly vented up the exhaust funnel. The AgLoco will suffer no major damage and there is no risk of injuring operators or bystanders.

This is a critical safety factor of the AgLoco and has been peer reviewed. The AgLoco® is designed to meet Hazard Level E AS4343 [2014], the same safety rating as a domestic refrigerator! This is why you do not require a steam ticket to operate an AgLoco on your farm.