Solid Biofuel

Solid-biofuel is an incredibly underrated energy resource.

AgLoco® burns solid biofuel be it cord firewoodwood chip or pellet fuel. Traditional boilers can be converted to run solid biofuel and specialised industrial boilers are manufactured to burn solid biofuel but they are large, heavy, expensive and fussy about the moisture content in the fuel they burn usually requiring moisture content of less than 30%.

AgLoco® happily burns hog fuel and thrives on it. Hog fuel is forestry waste, green chopped without further processing and can be up to 50% moisture. Hog fuel is the cheapest and most plentiful of solid biofuel available but is usually used for landscaping. Thanks to the combustion running at over 900ºC the damp hog fuel dries quickly and burns progressively and cleanly. Hog Fuel is the fuel of choice for AgLoco®.

Hog Fuel Advantages

  1. Little processing required, chip and go
  2. Open storage, doesn’t require protecting from the elements
  3. Low fire risk; hog fuel doesn’t share the same fire risk as hydrocarbon petroleum fuels
  4. Can be used immediately
  5. Green wood is much easier and cheaper to chip than dry wood
  6. Can be transported in conventional bulk containers eg. grain bins
  7. Handling is simple, AgLoco® sucks the hog fuel up to fill the bunker

The only disadvantage of Hog fuel is the higher the moisture content, the heavier the fuel is per volume.