Sam Mackwell – Co-Founder, C.M.E, Director

Sam has been on a mission to facilitate a just transition away from fossil fuel, particularly for agriculture & transport, for most of his life. Over the past 6 years, Sam has developed the revolutionary biomass burning steam boiler technology which powers AgLocos®. Prior to this, Sam explored possibilities in various technologies including biofuel turbine engines and hydrogen, having received several grants for this work. Sam took part in the Young Enterprise Scheme in 2011 and was selected to compete in Bangkok. In 2012 Sam was invited to attend the Pacific Forum in Rarotonga. Sam now leads the further design and development of AgLoco® technology.


Philip Royds – Co-Founder, C.E.O

Raised on a mid-Canterbury sheep and beef farm Philip is also the co-founder of Link Engine Management Ltd, a world leading developer of engine management software and control units and a finalist in the 2021 high tech awards. For AgLoco® Philip combines his agricultural experience, rural sensibilities and business expertise, building upon strong skills in Business Planning, Product Design, Automotive Electronics, Engineering and Entrepreneurship. Philip’s focus is now on leading AgLoco® into its first year of production, developing an innovative business to take on the significant energy challenges of the 21st century.


William Bowden – Communicator

William came to AgLoco® as a Masters of Science Communication Student from the University of Otago. He was researching issues in sustainability and the energy transition when he came across an article on AgLoco’s® innovative boiler technology. Recognising the viability of the technology he dove straight in to create a 10 minute documentary, “LOCO”, sharing the story of AgLoco® so far. William is now a part of the AgLoco® team, working on customer outreach, sales and marketing and the company social media.

Phone: +64275678845

Darian Oberprantacher – Aesthetic Designer

Darian hails from the beautiful Italian Dolomites region and he has recently completed a Bachelors Degree in Transportation Design at the prestigious European Institute of Design in Turin, Italy. A steam locomotive buff since early childhood, Darian now recognises the leading role that zero carbon solid biofuel powered steam engines will play in the future of sustainable transport. As a designer, Darian is able to play an active role in turning this vision into reality and in 2022 he joined AgLoco® to provide aesthetic design expertise in all aspects of AgLoco®’s branding and products. Attention to the aesthetic design is extremely important to create a product that is not only environmentally sustainable, but is emotionally sustainable as well.



Dr Charles Merfield – Advisor, Sustainable Agriculture

Dr Charles Merfield (HND Comm. Hort., M.Appl.Sci. Hons, PhD, MRSNZ) is head of the BHU Future Farming Centre, which is focused on science and extension in the sustainable agricultures, such as organic and regenerative farming.  He has wide experience both as a commercial farmer so understands real-world farming and as a scientist working across all aspects of agriculture and horticulture, including soil, pests, weeds, crops and pasture.  His speciality is non-chemical weed management, particularly thermal weeding and he has designed and built a diverse range of flame and steam weeders.

Ing. Shaun T. Mc Mahon – Advisor, Modern Steam & International Relations (RIP)

We are saddened to announce that Shaun passed away in January 2022. Our eulogy to Shaun is found here:
Shaun had a long career working on advanced steam projects around the world and worked closely with Ing. Livio Dante Porter. At the time of his passing he was in charge of modern steam development at INTI, Argentina’s National Institute of Industrial Technology and a highly valued advisor to AgLoco®.

Ing. Martín Rearte – Advisor, Solid Bio-Fuel & Agricultural Residues (Argentina)

Martín is a bioenergy specialist working as the technical coordinator of Solid Bio-fuels at INTI, Argentina’s National Institute of Industrial Technology. Martín is dedicated to promoting SMEs that make up the renewable energy industrial sector. He is a researcher in the field of Renewable Energy Systems and a senior consultant in biomass management and its industrialization processes.

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