Start Up Time

Gone are the days when steam engines take hours to reach full pressure…

Traditional boilers take between 90 minutes and ten hours to reach full steam.


  1. The large volume of water to be heated, many tons for a 150hp boiler.
  2. The water-jacketed firebox quenches the fire limiting the fire to the temperature of the water surrounding the fire.
  3. Coal takes time to establish a good fire bed.

The AgLoco® 150 on the other hand will make steam in ten minutes…

Heres why

  1. There is a much smaller volume of water to be heated.
  2. The firebox rapidly heats to 500ºC before rising to 900ºC.
  3. Dry woodchip lights beautifully.

AgLoco® will have an inbuilt “Firestarter” box which is fed hot steam from the boiler. This can be used to dry tomorrows kindling/wood-chips.